Tremors in the Interrogation Room by Chris Johns

Tremors in the Interrogation Room - Chris Johns

Aaron is a helicopter pilot, working for an oil company in one of the Middle East countries.
One day he is taken into custody by local military personnel. He is (wrongly) accused of smuggling drugs and is tortured for information.


A kinky little number :D


The water sports and 

a very very happy

(show spoiler)

 ending with an insta GFY kinda spoiled it for me a bit, hence 3.5 stars. The spoiler only gives you an idea of the ending - NHA, HEA or HFN, so if you want to know, you're welcome to peek :)

Warning: Gangbang, torture, flogging, humiliation, water sports, ATM.

Other tags: m/m/m/..., interracial, evil military, sweet guy in uniform, pwp, gfy, insta love.



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