Rabbit Season (Lost Shifters #2) by Megan Derr

Rabbit Season (Lost Shifters Book 2) - Megan Derr

I love Megan's books, but just not this one. I guess the sole purpose of it was to explore a twin bunny sandwich with a duck filling in between :/

The first 50% was about bunnies and a duck making out in a public location.
The second part:

random people, random people, sex sex;
bunnies' mother spooked by a threat and coming home to check on her 26 year old kiddies. sex sex;
random people, random people, sex sex;
an intruder and a criminal - a raccoon from New York (that totally really cracked me up, btw);
more sex and more sex.

I know some people love the threesomes and the abundance of sex, so I guess it's really my personal tastes that do not allow me to enjoy the story.


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