Captive Wolf (Love Slaves of the Alphas #5) by Shannon West

Captive Wolf - Shannon West
DNF-ing at 50%.
Bored out of my wits. 
Despite all of the exciting tags I chose, this book is a fraud.

"Honeys", "sweethears", "babies" and other tooth-aching sugary nicknames applied to a mansel-in-distress-alpha-male are, indeed, revolting.

Characters are weak and, frankly, stupid. Conversations are stilted. Neither Taz, a tiger, nor Kyle, a lycan, are listening to each other, just carrying on with their own meaningless egotistic blubber. The writing is immature, editing is non-existent and the plot is almost non-existent. The whole book, quite honestly, can be squeezed into a dozen pages or less, considering that the majority of it is useless boring infodump anyway. Do I care about some random bar tender's background and family history? Really? REALLY? @.@ Taz comes off too grand-motherly (cookies and spankings anyone? =)) and Kyle, a lycan alpha, - a whiny spoiled 5-year old brat in need of hugs and kisses and butt plugs.


*air quotes*The PLOT*air quotes*:

Kyle and his buddy (relative? I don't give a rat's ass) decide to kidnap a Big Bad powerful Tyger shifter from a bar that he owns. They come up with a stupidest plan... wait... what am I saying? They HAVE NO PLAN! Kid you not, true story!

Anyway, they come up with some stupid excuse. Kyle goes in and never comes out. The Big Bad Tyger kidnaps Kyle instead, puts him in a dog cage and delivers him to his brother Taz, who hates the hell out of Lycans (make no mistake, Lycans loath Tygerians right frigging back), but Taz needs a lover and a nanny!!!!! for his children. Perfect. Those two are all set. Happy end!


I really REALLy want my money back! The whole $0.99 of it!!!


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