Coming Home (Firsts and Forever #9) by Alexa Land

Coming Home - Alexa Land

Absolutely unrealistic, but incredibly comforting read, just like all the other books in the series.


Previous and present abuse, (previous) statutory rape, all kinds of pain and suffering wrapped in mush, the bliss of insta-love and generosity of an incredibly generous and sweet man, concluded with rainbows and lollipops that Nana brings with her wherever she goes, God bless her heart ♥ :D


Chance, a prostitute with no prospects, no future, no friends and no money hooks up with a police officer. After seeing him for a couple of months, Chance leaves SF to visit his mother and brother and possibly find his father. The trip turns into a disaster with a very nasty surprise, misadventures of Chance's Honda Civic for whipped cream and An Asshole father for a very rotten cherry.


But wait! It all turns out to be a big fat Happy End in the last chapters of the bookAnd thank God for that :D Very satisfying read.


*Still thinking of adding "Alternate Universe" to all nine books :)


3 stars. Can't wait for a new installment.


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