Witches' Blood (Rifter #4) by Ginn Hale

Witches' Blood - Ginn Hale

This is a good story. The characters are amazing. The world is fascinating. The writing is superb.

The presentation, however, not so much. Keep in mind, tho, that this is my personal opinion and I am very much aware that it does not coincide with the majority of my friends' opinions. Still, I am entitled.

I wish the story was less predictable and was arranged better, i.e compiled into fewer volumes, contained less zig-zagging in time or maybe shorter periods of it. The characters are doubled and tripled, while going back and forth in time, looping in and paradoxing onto themselves in space/time continuum. They are still easily recognized, the author herself makes it easy for us. Hence my confusion over why try to make it harder for the reader to follow all the threads? What's the purpose of it? What's with abandoning characters for 2-3 books in a row?

Try reading the series while having RL happening around you. Good luck! There should be a warning in the beginning of the first book:

DO NOT START, UNLESS YOU HAVE A WEEK OF PEACE AND QUIET TO READ WITH NO INTERRUPTIONS WHATSOEVER ...you know, pesky things like sleep, bathroom breaks or food intake. shit like that. 'cause it disturbs the force (or something) and messes with the flow of space/time continuum the story.

I am not a super fast reader and I have kids. My daily activities include meals, cleaning, driving kids around, making out with the hubs, other RL crap we all know too well. Hence I tend to forget things. So my reading slows down even more, because I have to catch up by scrolling through the previous volumes looking things up. During the first four volumes I felt confused and inadequate. Way to go for the author to appeal to the readers. Of course now things are getting clearer, but it doesn't mean I can just shake off the annoyance of the first four volumes.


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