In Pieces (Firsts and Forever #3) by Alexa Land

In Pieces - Alexa Land

If I didn't know the author and had to guess, I would pick either Amy Lane or Mary Calmes.

- Amy Lane: the misery... The Misery... THE MISERY!!! Christopher was used and abused since the day he turned 5 (as far as I remember).
- Mary Calms: everybody loves sweet and adorable Jory Christopher, the most fragile yet charming, strong and determined boy evah ...and then, of course, there is Kier, the policeman *wiggles eyebrows*

But this is Alexa Land, thus expect policemen and mafiosi drop their line of work left and right to become "better men" or to leaving the force so they won't have to uphold unjust laws. Or some such O.o

Waaaaayyy too much sex.


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