Blind Man's Wolf (Tooth & Claw #1) by Amelia Faulkner

Blind Man's Wolf - Amelia Faulkner

I like the premises: A blind fledgling vampire has to employ a shy omega werewolf to help with his service dog's eccentricities. The dog's quirks led to discovery of a madman on a killing spree. Between that, were-alpha's murderous intent and each other's fears and prejudices, the vamp and the shifter are trying to date and even form some kind of a relationship.

However, the author tends ramble off, the dialects and the street jargon(?), that magically appear and disappear, are a distraction and some parts of the story just don't make any sense (the fact that vampire's clothes disappear with him, but everyone can see a dog leash that he's holding).

I am not going to continue with the series.


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