The Silvers by Jill Smith

The Silvers - Jill     Smith

This is a very depressing read. Not dark and depressing. Dark hides things: colorful things, black things, grey things, white things, scary things, pretty things, monster things, unicorns, spice worms and who knows what else. This? This is just grey. Everything's the same color. Even human emotions seem grey and bland, the whole planet Earth is colorless, "I don't give a shit" place. This is GREY and depressing. In my opinion.

I get now why the book is written in Present Tense. Silvers live in the present and process everything accordingly. They don't think "what's next", they get through one moment at a time, tho conceivably, I think, Imms is capable of extending his mind that way, just like he expanded on his feelings after moving to Earth...

Which, sadly, is the most depressing part of the book for me. I loved Silver Planet much better, even with human team being bullies (put mildly) and B "The Captain" being a complete push-over. WHO in their right mind selected and put together those idiots? Oh... right.

One and a half positive stars for the amazing world of Silver Planet and Imms. The rest I can't care less.


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