At His Throat, A Promise by Lilith Grey

At His Throat, A Promise - Lilith Grey

WARNING!: NSFW pics under the cut!


Just a quick note:

there is lace in this book =)

there is abuse and rape of a minor, however, behind the scenes.
there is abuse all over the place, as a matter of fact. Cause - slaves =)
there is death of minor characters.
there is an ending, that seems... rushed, for the lack of better word outside of spoiler tags, but I don't see how it could have been done differently without adding another 100-150 pages to the already long read.

and then...
there is formatting. UGH. I can easily take a star down just for that, because even at the end of the book multiple "IE"s (meant to be "I...") never failed to make me think of Microsoft and Internet Explorer, and that's just one tiny example of the wide variety of formatting problems within a book.

Ellis's point of view as a slave, his thoughts about being a slave and enjoying his servitude, feeling fulfilled, was amazing, imho, and redeemed many a flaw.

In the end, 4 stars.





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