Way Off Plan (Firsts and Forever) by: Alexa Land

Way Off Plan (Firsts and Forever) - Alexa Land

Russian mobsters, Italian mafiosi, good American cops, a wagon and a half of strong and funny and likable female characters, kids and pups... Everlasting love between a bad Russian and a good American. Sounds familiar?


Avril Ashton, meet Mary Calmes.


The first 40% is a great read. A (hot) undercover cop Jamie meets a (hot) Russian mobster Dmitri. They fall in love the same day. The rest is history sex, food, family and friends. Did I mention sex? At least for another 30%.


The story picks up in the last 20% or so, where both MC surface from under the sheets, blankets and layers of cum to figure out how to get rid of The Big Bad Russian Uncle, who is, in fact, in charge and true control of the whole Russian operation.


The book is very sweet and fun and humours and actually a great read, except for I was seriously contemplating adding an AU tag to it.


Where is Dima's money? He is a son of a great Russian Mobster family. I am asking you again, Why was the boy left dirt poor after his parents died? Where was the rest of the boy's family? Why did he have to bring his 5(!) sisters on his own at the age of 19?


Why does Jamie keep calling Dima Dmitri? Can you imagine someone calling their partner their full name in the throws of passion? Honestly, most people can't put two syllables together while at it, and here we have a full-blown formal version of a name "Benjamin!" "Alexander!" "Christopher!" "Montgomery!", you get the picture, I hope. Obvisly (and I mean - OBVISLY) someone didn't do their homework, and I suspect I know who that is :D 


"Оборот" mean Revolution or, simply, A Turn. Pronounced as o-boe-rot.


All in all, a cute fun quick read. Too much sex, tho. 3 stars.

Moving onto book two.


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