'Til Kingdom Come by Evangeline Anderson

'Til Kingdom Come - Evangeline Anderson

Well.... wasn't that painful :/ Had to read it for a challenge and that was my only motivation.


This is not a nice review, because the book I am attempting to review is a blabbering, overly long, ridiculous mess. Actually, forget the reviewing part, I am so frustrated, I am just going to set my pet peeves free, before my brain bursts in flames. 


* World building - none. Note even a room building. Tho there was an attempt at a hot-tub building and a dungeon staircase building..... Awww, I feel generous, I'll throw in the magical door building.


* Contradictions. Left and right. Top and bottom. North and South. Back and forth. Here, there and everywhere @.@


* Talk. Sex. - Overwhelming. Talk. Sex. Talk. Sex. Sex-talk. Pout. Talk/sex. Sex/sex. Magic/sex/talk. Pout. Sex. Talk. At most inconvenient times - even more talk. What a page turner. Seriously, 20-30 at a time - skippity-skip!


* MCs - TSTL. Slower than a glacier. Both of them. Even the dragon said so himself. Poor chap, his life depended on these idiots. I was hoping they would shut up for half a minute to try to use their brains instead of their tongues. No. Only in the very end and by some unexplained miracle the fair princess  had a revelation.  


* Secondary characters. I don't know. There was not enough presence of any other character in this book to be secondary. Not the dragon, not the king, not the wasshispants-brother. MC's dicks have a better chance applying for this position.


* Villains - villainous. I don't know much about them to elaborate. Except for the brother was a rapist and the father was on a witch hunt. 


* M/M? Why? M/F could have done just as nicely.


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