Jagged Rock by Willow Scarlett

Jagged Rock - Willow Scarlett

Just as I finished complaining at 55% that there is no sex to be found anywhere and turned the page, all kinds of lovemaking exploded right in my face and at such length and frequency that I had to skip at least half of the rest of the story. Yep, that makes it a quarter.

I've been going back and forth with the rating. I liked the story, the way it's written, the MCs, but more than a few things seemed inconsistent.

Will's parents freaked me out. Whatever their motives were, common sense and having a brain had nothing to do with it. And the rest of the pack... WTF, people? A star and a half off for that.

On a positive note - loved how great Will and Connor were together. Loved how the wolves (not werewolves, but the common, non-shifter kind) were described, and with such affection!




Go wolves! ;)







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