Cataclysmic Evolution by Alicia Nordwell

Cataclysmic Evolution - Alicia Nordwell

This is not a nice review. Pass along if you have a problem with it.
Most likely, it's me, not the book, there are plenty of four and five star reviews. But I do have an opinion and here it is:

There was absolutely nothing in this books that I liked. Even the writing, tho pretty good in general, was a bit confusing where pronouns and direct speech were concerned. Reading the same paragraph two or three times to figure out who said what isn't exactly the excitement I look for in a book.



Not much made sense to me in the story.

- Barron has an abnormal ability to be the center of all things weird.
- Almost every character, including both MCs and their fathers are grade A @ssh*les.
- Convenient coincidences, gruesome and pointless things or actions are not my thing either :/
- Why is it an m/m romance? The kids could have been just friends, considering that there is extremely little going on between them, nothing in the first half at all. Whatever "little" there is can be easily eliminated without the story suffering from it.
- And it all ends with a cliffy. However, I won't be reading it.



*Had to finish the book for a challenge.


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