Pull Me Under by Zarah Detand

Pull Me Under - Zarah Detand

There are spoilers, but not too bad, and I am pretty sure you already know, or at least can guess the ending :)




We have Ben, a football star, and Henry, an average college kid, in a fake relationship for the strategic media purposes. For Ben having a fake boyfriends means softening the blow of coming out of the closet. Despite being fake boyfriends, the boys enjoy themselves together. It's all sunshine and rainbows and lollipops and very very sweet and beautiful.






But don't get fooled. The gloom is just around the corner.



It's not unusual for the boys to break up for a day or two. They can't fully enjoy themselves without thinking "it's fake"...




They tend to overthink things, of which both are guilty...




or eavesdrop, mostly Ben...



or assume things, and again, both are guilty, but mostly Ben.



Jake, Ben's friend, is the only person who can see straight and in real light...



And so he arranges for the boys to meet each other, in their darkest hour, when all seems to be lost...



And while Ben is still too confused...



and tries to send Henry away...



Henry - finally! - comes out of his funk....



and forces himself on Ben...



and that's when it dawns on the football star...




The suffers they suffered were all for nothing!!!




Hugs, kisses...



and hot sex follows.


Image result for hot gay sex gf


In the end they ride into the sunset airport together, flowers and hearts and pretty things raining down on them. 



Loved the book, but continuous misunderstandings and complete lack of communication knocked a star off for me.


Nevertheless, loved the boys! Will probably re-read in the near future :D 





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