The Chosen by J.C. Owens

The Chosen - J.C. Owens

Don't fret, spoilers are in the spoiler tags at the end of the post. Read away.


A really nice tearjerker. A caravan master and his brother are kidnapped by the very prisoners they are trying to transport over Deadlands (I think that's what the name was) to the bordering country.

The former prisoners deliver brothers to their God who identifies Mikon, the caravan master, as his lover's reincarnation. Mikon has no recollection of such an atrocity. The God then possesses the body of his Chosen, the prisoners' leader,  and proceeds raping Mikon. Turns out The Chosen has no control over the God -surprise! - and is a slave himself.

What a tearjerker that was! I have to admit I used a tissue. A Tissue, people. One. I am not the one to lose it. Ever. But this was a special occasion, Mikon's pain too beautiful a thing to ignore.  

So, why four stars instead of five?

The boys, Mikon and The Chosen, couldn't stall, apparently, what's with all the love and googlie eyes and "please don't die" thingie going on, and  picked the most inconvenient time to crash their ship's OS mess with their God. WTF? Seriously? *rolls eyes*
Let your God OS deliver you first to your destination and then proceed with planting deadly bugs and formatting the hard drive. Honestly! *throws arms in the air*

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