Pretty Poison by Kari Gregg

Pretty Poison - Kari Gregg

A pack of werewolves wants to put out an injured 4 year old whelp out of his misery. His family feels differently on the subject and they disengage from the pack to care for their disabled son somewhere else. With the help of human doctors and human drugs Noah gets somewhat better, finds a job and is functioning just as well or even better than any human in his condition.

Well, the new alpha, Wade, of the same pack decides it's time to "rescue" Noah. And he does.
He rips Noah from his loving and supportive family (for Noah's own protection, of course).
He keeps Noah under lock and key (for Noah's own protection, of course).
He doesn't want any interaction between Noah and pack members (for Noah's own protection, of course).
He doesn't want to be with Noah for various reasons (and for Noah's own protection, I am sure).
He doesn't want to explain how things work in a were pack to someone who has never lived in one (for Noah's own protection, I am sure).
Noah is under constant supervision of Wade's cold and unsympathetic beta Fletcher (for Noah's own protection, of course).
Noah is not to have any human doctors' help or drugs even when in pain (for Noah's own protection, of course).
So Noah is lonely and hurt, all by his lonesome miserable self. In pain and fear, clueless in the dark.

Somehow, in between all this Noah gets very attracted to Wade sexually and then emotionally. I think I missed a few pages, because I couldn't see it, couldn't feel it and unless it's Stockholm syndrome, I don't buy it.

However, my perverted twisted self did get high on all the abuse and neglect and pain and suffering, and so I am adding a star for that.


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