Sweetwater by Lisa Henry

Sweetwater - Lisa Henry

3.75-ish stars.

I found myself feeling claustrophobic in Elijah's head. We see most of the story from his POV. There are a few Grady chapters, but they don't explain much, mostly that he doesn't want to have problems with the law, he is a kind man, travels/works with supportive (or at least understanding) cousins and he is obsessed with Elijah.

The problem with the lopsided perspective on things is that it doesn't provide enough depth to the secondary characters. Even Grady remains very sketchy. What drew him to Elijah? Love at first sight? Lust? Pity? I just don't get it.

Crane. I would love - love! - to know more about him. With all his meanness and bullying there is something else lurking under the surface and I was hoping it would reveal itself. But - no. It was a disappointment.

The ending was left open and for once I can't complain about it. At all.


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