Fated (Love Has No Boundaries) by Lexi Ander

Fated - Lexi Ander
I wish the author concentrated less on the "authentic" language and more on the story. The language does not historical atmosphere make (compare "Fated" to Brothers of the Wild North Sea), but it does create a lot of confusion in this particular case. Imagine sailing smoothly along the narrative; 1, 2, 3, 4 paragraphs of very readable and pretty enjoyable material, when the author suddenly decides to send a fistful of pricklies in your face: 


Erm... yeah, if I were that lucky. No.  "Whit wid Caitriona think?"... "Whit be it?" felt more like this :


WHAD? WHID? er.... WHAT?@.@
Yep, sure, I read the "Lexicon" in the very end, but switching gears was still tough. 

As for the story itself, it was cute and cuddly with a spoonful of mild salsa on the side for angst. The MC is a werebear Ewen. He can't  shift, but he can be taken over by the bear spirit. He receives a gift from the king in a face of a pagan acolyte Roi, a seer. There are buckets of miscommunication, which drives the story, and there is a bit of a cliffy in the end - we never find out what holds the bear back from emerging in its true form and how Ewen plans to deal with his enemies. 
If there is a sequel, I'll read it, given the author embraces "The simpler the better" motto.

Oh.... and then there was that Russian Jew, Hiram Resnikov. Seriously???? Unless dude got lost in time and space.


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