Sinner Like Me (Brooklyn Sinners, 3.5) by Avril Ashton

Sinner Like Me (Brooklyn Sinners, 3.5) - Avril Ashton

I am kinda glad that it wasn't Vince who sold out Syren. However that scenario with evil ex-lovers is getting very old very fast.

The last 20-25% of the book was too sappy; all the talk about surrogates and babies and feelz and more babies and eve more feelz and 8 year old behaving like she was still four - not my thing. 

Syren weirded me out. I thought he was behaving out of character more than a few times. Still love him.

2 stars.

PS If I knew how much the immature kid was going to be in the book I would have never started it. 

The books I like to read and kids don't mix. 


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