A Sinner Born (Brooklyn Sinners #3) by Avril Ashton

A Sinner Born - Avril Ashton

So frigging hot! You almost - almost! - forget about all the slips. I really want to give this 5 stars...

However I can't get over the sappiness and the fact that Kane is the biggest asshole I've ever read about.
I understand that some people can't deal the "c" word no matter the circumstances, but don't you at least want to know "why"? 
It has only happened once (I am not counting the kiss with Pablo), yet Kane is too quick to slap Syren with a label of a professional cheater and discard him like he is nothing.

And what is it with the same scenario over and over again, with the same elements, same little tricks, same hissy fits and same huffing, puffing and chest pounding?

Loved Syren, though. 

Oh.... and I found Angelo :D


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