Медный Обруч (Metallic series, #1) by YullSanna

Медный Обруч  - YullSanna

5 stars.


Not because the author and I are friends on GR or because we are both Russian.


However, to be completely honest, that last bit does factor in, since the story grabs you with ease and leaves you right smack in the middle of that crazy place I still call home. More kudos to the author for the ability to surround you in that palpable authentic atmosphere of modern Russia.


I gave "Metallic series" all the star I could give, because the story of Stas and Max is extremely emotional, raw and genuine, it's fast and hard and very very real.


Finding love while being caught in a complicated world of mafia-like business, political undercurrents, social status and greedy, ever climbing to be at the top of the ladder no-matter-the-cost associates and spouses, is an impossible thing. Yet Max and Stas fight for each other, for their own happiness. Two strong men overcoming the chaos of their lives to be together - a beautiful thing to watch.


Amazing new author on the rise.


Excellent job, YullSanna! ...and a perfect, gorgeous cover! :D


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