Alpha Trine by Lexi Ander

Alpha Trine - Lexi Ander

I am a mean and vicious human and I am about to stab somebody's baby in the guts with an alien machete. If you have a problem with it, move along.


Here we go:


There are more alien species in these 150 pages than in all five Star Treks combined.

There is too much cramped into too short of a book. The author is overly descriptive and repetitive where it comes to small details.

There are too many words that leave no room for emotional side of the story. The book is a list of events, without a chance for us to connect with what is happening and/or the characters. The only emotion came with an overused "male" ("the other male", "big male", "his male" and so on) and that emotion was annoyance.


MINOR spoilers below.

It only takes about 10% of the book to figure out that Zeus is not what he seems. Yet no one notices he is not human.

That makes all of the other characters um... stupid blind?

The overwhelming majority of aliens despise mean and treacherous humans.... oh, no, no, wait!!! I didn't see a single human in this book, but there was a lot of talk about mean and vicious corporations.

Zeus is hated for being human, especially by Captain Wasshispants, whose ding-dong popped up and proclaimed itself mated to Zeus after he had sniffed the man once. The good Captain is on important mission - he smuggles to safety a royal family rescued from the evil humans, who experimented on them. The crew knows about the royal family, the crew sees them every day, the crew helps the family, the crew hangs out with the family, the crew is being kind and gentle to the family. And yet every single one of those idiots fail to see that Zues is re-lat-ed to the fa-mi-ly, as in "bro-ther-slash-sis-ter" car-bon, co-py same D.N.A re-la-ted.


TO get you an idea what the writing is like with all descriptions, here is Jane and Jack (and other aliens) a la Alpha Trine:

"See purple Jane with blue antennae on her ridged forehead run half a meter.

Run, black with pink rosettes Zet, run a meter and a half on your three tentacles that you use for locomotion.

See lavender Jack, a "massive guy, a half meter below three meters tall" (kid you not! - Mrella), run with blue princess Shaneida, her body covered in black and white silky fur, her tail, curled up above her head, twitching.

Run, green leafy Cecil whose vines cover his mantle, three rows of black eyes invisible under rich green foliage (he's a plant - Mrella), run Ton with sleek black scales, run hissing and chirping like a deadly Striker.

See Spot bellow and jump two meters, four sets of balls bouncing around protruding sex, trying not to morph into his original shape."


As it is a grocery list is more emotional than this book. And then there is this "less is more" thing. The author should try it


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