Red Dirt Heart 2 (Red Dirt, #2) by N.R. Walker

Red Dirt Heart 2 (Red Dirt Heart Series) - N.R. Walker

This is it. I am done. I am DNF-ing this book and the series.


I can't take any more of Charlie's insecurities and constant pms-ing and mood swings. I can't watch Travis struggle, pulling the weight of their lopsided relationship all by himself and babysitting Charlie and his studies at the same time.


The first books was shiny and new and it did sparkle here and there. Since then the shine wore off and I am stuck trying to claw through the farm's everyday routine and to figure out what's wrong with Charlie where he himself has no frigging clue.


Character-driven plots are not for me, I wish there was a warning in their somewhere, because - the thing with ebooks? - you can't even take them back for a refund.


My rating is for the first 50%.


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