Jonah's Giant by Rowan McBride

Jonah's Giant - Rowan McBride

Kynthos, so glad you convinced me to read this story!

The way it ends doesn't feel 100% finished, but the ending is somewhat satisfying, if cliffhang-y.

And now - on the world building conundrum.

It was made very clear that the story is set in modern times, in our everyday reality, the only "fantasy" element being Jeremy's profound growth.



So, instead of concentrating on men's interaction, I was worried about Jonah losing his job and his house (at least make him live off some trust fund, not rich, but carefree, so we don't have to have it nagging). I was puzzled why Jeremy's parents couldn't call police, like any sensible adult in this reality would do. No other neighbours, co-workers, employer raised an alarm. I know I am overthinking, but give me a world, and I will think about it and try to incorporate it into the story... right? O.o In this case it distracted me and pulled me out of the story at least a couple of times :/

I will take Kari Gregg anytime.

Still the book was pretty good and well written and I would love for the sequel to come out. Sometime soon :)


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