The Degan Incident by Rob Colton

The Degan Incident - Rob Colton
The poor little guy never stood a chance. 
The minute he laid his eyes on a handsome horny lion (and I mean a lion with horns as well as horny) at a spaceport, where he worked, Devin was doomed.
Everything bad that could have happened to him after that, happened. Even later, when Devon finally settled to enjoy his life with Bastian, all bright and shiny things in his life were still heavily layered with dark forces and Darth Vaders of different calibre.

I am not sure where I stand with this book.

It's hot and it's cold. It's bright and it's dark. It will make you cringe (horrific abuse of cute and innocent pregnant beings) and it will make you puke little rainbow hearts for the rest of the year (bear/lion hugs, face rubbing, affectionate earlobe tugging and slobbery kisses all applied to cute and innocent pregnant beings and baby lion cubs + general sugar overload). It's an easy read and it has rough poorly edited patches.

Did I mention that in the end the book got tired of itself and turned boring? ...and we never get to know what happened to Peri.

3 stars (2.5 really)
3 stars.


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