Apartment 1209 by Elizabeth Lister

Apartment 1209 - Elizabeth Lister

No background, no explanations, nothing. We are suppose to believe it all. But blind faith ain't my thang.


I have questions!


Can someone tell me why the owner of the hottest BDSM/Leather club in town lives in a cheap apartment complex and drives an old Toyota? I fully expected him to be a predator stalking his prey. But - no.


What's so special about whatshisname student nurse? I mean, I don't even remember his name meager 10 hours after I've finished the book and I don't really care enough to look it up. That's special in its own weird way for sure. Is that Daddy's twisted kink?


The sub is topping shamelessly and the bad leather daddy does nothing. Yep.


Like I said, not my thing. Sorry.


No disrespect to the author, tho. I suspect it's all me.


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