Ilya and the Wolf by Rory Ni Coileain

Ilya and the Wolf - Rory Ni Coileain
Warning: Do not go by my rating. I am very partial to authors who take time and effort to do their research properly.

The actual length is 20 pages, not 25.

The story turned out to be a very cute winter/Christmas fairytale.  Ilya is adorable, the brothers are evil and the father is, as usual in these tales, mostly indifferent. Brothers trick Ilya into coming out in an-online chat, and then, being intolerant assholes that they are, plan his murder. 
Their plan goes wrong when one of the brothers draws blood. A lone wolf is attracted by the smell and ventures to investigate. He spooks the older brothers and saves the younger one, but in order to keep him alive, the wolf drags him into his den, a place of magic. 
All wounds are healed, Ilya is grateful, Volyk is happy, they mate and make love to each other and ride into the sunset howl at the moon run together through the winter forest in an unusual yet satisfying HEA ending.
Russian was so darn good, spelling immaculate, I am adding a star just for that. A couple of expressions puzzled me, just because they are not normally used in those given situations, but it was minor. It's hard to complain, really. Thanks for that, Rory! =)
Another little detail that deserves mentioning. Most wolf-shifters in Russian mythology are primarily animals, but can turn into something else, including humans, for a short time. 
And the last one, Russian orthodox Christmas is January 7th, in case someone wondered. There were no mistakes :)

Helle - Thank you so much for this Christmas gift! Much appreciated =) 


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