Sotto Voce by Erin Finnegan

Sotto Voce - Erin Finnegan

It was a strange book. Good, but strange.

There wasn't much of a romance and the bad guy that the author threw in was more of an annoying fly, than anything at all, just to add some innocent angst.
Miscommunication happened left and right, and that was fine by me. It was quite understandable, two men so devoted to their respectful professions, that the rest of the world had to be pushed out of the way in order to deliver a perfect product.
As a result, there were not a lot of hot romantic or erotic scenes, but there was plenty to hold my attention beyond the romance: the wine making, the rivalry between the wineries, bits of history.... let's say I was never bored.
And the love scenes when the boys finally got to it? Hot! 

I only read m/m, so in a way it was a nice diversion, the story mostly about wine with a touch of m/m action in the background :) My only complaint - I really wanted for the ladies to get a better ending. 


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