Unacceptable Behavior by Misha Horne

Unacceptable Behavior (Gay Spanking Erotica) - Misha Horne

I had to finish it for a challenge, so - don't laugh or throw slippers or stick gum in my hair :/

The story reads like part of a series, or a chapter, or a side story - pick one.

What we have:

Sam, who is a workaholic, the type that sits at his laptop night and day, instead of spending time with his partner.
Zach, who is emotionally unstable, has anger issues, and drowns his loneliness in booze. 

Sam and Zach are travelling by car "to get away from it all" and are forced to stop for one night during a freak storm at some sorry motel. 

Zach has a tantrum when Sam takes out his laptop to do some "work", and smashes the damn thing against the door. (I would have done the exact same thing, if you ask me.) That results in Sam putting a good old belt to Zach's hide and then, in addition, bending him over a knee and delivering more spanking. Zach is no stranger to a belt, as his old man used that particular parenting technique plenty of times, which is ...OK, because in Zach's mind that's the only way to deal with his issues. And that tells you a lot right there. 

As far as I am concerned, Sam can easily stand some very sound spanking himself and in copious amounts.

The other disturbing part - Sam calling Zach "young man" and Zach feeling "like home". This whole thing bothered me to no end. Imagine Zach bent over Sam's knee and getting hornier by the minute because the whole situation reminds him of his father beating the shit out of him. Is there a shrink in the house?


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