Stranded by Lies by Finn Marlowe

Stranded by Lies - Finn Marlowe

Does this mean we are going to have a sequel??? Not that this story will suffer if there isn't one, but - hell! - this can be such an awesome ride!
More, please! I am totally not beneath begging :D

Imagine Stargate, only the gate doesn't open in this book. Yet the possibility exists, and it means that whatever comes through it might not be very friendly. However, at the same time, to keep the enemy at bay and to ask for assistance from other species MC's must find the key to the gate to keep it open. Kinda confusing, but - not :D Read the book, it's all there, it's free and it's awesome!

Just a little warning: there is a serious dub-con in the very beginning, but don't be fooled! That's exactly what the little human wants ( being the operative word here) and needs ;)


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