Gift of the Raven by Angela Fiddler

Gift of the Raven - Angela Fiddler

Warning: Do NOT go by my rating.

Most of you will probably rate it 1 or 2 stars and normally I would agree.


- I was clearly starving for a vampire story, because it sucked me in (no pun) so badly, no amount of confusion and/or of bad editing could ruin it for me. Did I mention it was free, too?

- A vampire raven/owl shifter? Pretty cool if you ask me.

- There was a story buried underneath that mess. I worked hard on digging it up and so it became my baby as much as the author's.

There were also a couple of relatively mild BDSM/DS scenes, which I am partial to, if you check my shelves. (Paddle and light bondage as far as I recall, very prominent D/S theme)

3.5 star which I am rounding up to 4.

Can someone please - PLEASE! - edit this! The book can be sooooo good! I'd pay money to read it again edited.


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