Delicious Sinn by Adrianna Dane

Delicious Sinn - Adrianna Dane
This is a second book in a row that I am reading that can't get its story out of its ars.. past. Not that "Sinn" is a bad story, but it's so firmly lodged in "what had happened" that the present suffers. The other book is Lines in the Sand by Lyn Gala, if you're curious.
I also found the beginning extremely confusing, what's with hunters and vampires and wolf fangs... - was it originally planned as a shifter/vampire story? - and then later with POV switching and the mentionings of a Bobby by both characters.
Until I found out that these Bobbys are actually one and the same (didn't take long, but nonetheless) I had to reread certain paragraphs at least a couple of times. Annoyed the hell out of me.
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Other than that - a good read. And what Vivian said :D


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