His by Jack L. Pyke

His - Jack L. Pyke

I guess I am getting lazy, but other people usually say it before me, so I am not going into lengthy explanations. Check out Loe's review. It's perfect.


I think I missed about one third of the story because I couldn't get through the sentences. Few times I was so lost, I had to skip paragraphs.


This one, for example. What does this even mean? (Unless it's my English, which is not my native.)

"After hanging up his tattoo machine for paint and airbrushes, it was always the same when he worked body art at different venues away from the tattoo studio."





And then another thing, the kidnapping. Another big WTF? Den didn't know, couldn't have known about the knife. He also had a gag on. Could he cry Monday? I don't think so. Tom fails as a Dom in this book on so many levels, I don't even know where to begin.

2 stars.


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