Mark Cooper versus America by Lisa Henry

Mark Cooper versus America - Lisa Henry, J.A. Rock

What Camille said.

What I have to add:

Усё. Двойка. Дело не в студентах, не в братствах и не в дедовщине. Дело даже не в том, как в конце все причастные быстренько натянули овечьи дубленки. Дело в том, как все им сразу поверили. Хотя - типично. Быстро все валим на козла (отпущения) Бенгала и начинаем лизать Марку задницу. На кол, что ль, переделать?



I am giving this book 2 stars:

Not because of this modern day slavery that many enter willingly and stay in it willingly. Not because of some perverted sense of "honour" that keeps everybody quiet about it. Not because Mark never made much sense to me by joining Alpha Delts pledges and staying there, his motives twisted and backwards. 

Some people have hard time dealing with rape, humiliation and cheating. I have hard time dealing with characters asking for something they absolutely hate and jeopardize their studies, health and mental stability while having an option to walk out at any time and yet making every effort to come back for more pain. But - whatever. 

My beef with this book is: 

Out of - how many people are there in fraternities? - out of all those people, only one, apparently, is an asshole. All the others are "innocent bystanders". What the actual fuck? All those morons who tortured, humiliated, demeaned the pledges on daily basis and picked fights with Phi Sigs, turned out to be fine young gentlemen by the end of the story. Sure. Blame it all on the one person, take no responsibility for your own actions and claim ignorance. Mark was glad too see Jackson turn away from Bengal, another wtf moment for me. Jackson and the rest are cowards who saw a convenient way out and took it, leaving all the blame with Bengal. I am thoroughly disgusted...


...and too mad at this book and the authors right now to list all the positive sides (and there are a lot of them). If all the assholes stayed true to their asshole selves through the end, instead of donning sheepskins, or if someone at least called them out on their bullshit, then - different story. 

Whatever powerful message this book had in it was totally destroyed by the not so grand finale.

Alas, 2 stars it is.

I am off to somewhere secluded to scream my frustration and throw my iPad at the walls.


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