In All Your Ways (Love is Always Write) by Cari Z.

In All Your Ways - Cari Z.

2.5 stars

God created the angels and they all called him "Father". I wonder if I can file this under incest - ha-ha



I do realize that

- Yep, it was God's punishment for Renat to make him suffer for a thousand years for choosing to leave his parent's house fall.
- Yep, it was probably God's intention to cure Renat of his resentment towards humans by making him one.

Stars off

- for presenting that totalitarian regime as a generous and forgiving "love" bestowed upon God's children.
- Emiel and God through him forcing human form on Renat, presenting no warning and no choice (God forbid Renat has a freedom of choice again! - pun intended). Vengeful creature, that Father of theirs, isn't he?


Other than that - nicely written, I really enjoyed all the bits and pieces that did not involve The Almighty. Solid 4 stars.


In the end rounding up to 3.


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