Dance of Stone by Jay Lewis Taylor

Dance of Stone - Jay Lewis Taylor

This book is not an M/M Romance. It's a historical novel with a gay protagonist, Hugh, a master mason. The book follows him for about 8-9 years and is very slow until the last 5% where a little spark of romance and angst finally happens.

There is virtually no sex and no fantasy element present (I've noticed some readers have it on their "fantasy" shelves).

If you are a history geek, the book is definitely for you. If you are looking for a romance or feisty knights/elves/bards, I suggest you look somewhere else.

As it is, I loved the setting, I loved the slow pace, the politics, the casual mentioning of great names and places. I was constantly on internet, looking things up or refreshing my memory. It was perfect.

The only fault I found was author's tendency to skip through weeks and months. I wish it was a little tighter, time-wise, or filled with more action to compensate.

4 stars.


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