A Thread of Deepest Black by Finn Marlowe

A Thread of Deepest Black - Finn Marlowe

Wicked, wicked book with evil werewolves and (not so) stupid shifters. Total wicked bliss, dark chocolate with honey on my black twisted desires, but - dang! - it just finally came to a very perverted and satisfying end. Not happy. Not happy at all ~:/ Gimme more, dammit!

This is NOT a spoiler:

The only fault I see with this book is a confusing BDSM scene in the very beginning. Killian gave Colton everything the shifter needed, took him by complete and extremely satisfying (if wicked and evil) surprise. Yet there was left a tinge of betrayal and dishonesty in the air. Later on we find out that it is not so. Colton's first encounter with Killian in his bedroom was nothing of the sort. I wish FM somehow cleared that confusion from the start. But - oh well, it is what it is. 

6 starts out of 6 :D

And now - eye candy for those who missed my updates! =)

Sweet innocent (ha-ha!) and pretty Colton ♥

Wicked wicked werewolf Killian ♥

Wicked and evil werewolf Killian ♥


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