A Solid Core of Alpha Amy by Lane

A Solid Core of Alpha - Amy Lane
And what a Pity Fest it was!
I am adding a pity-fest shelf just for this book.

There was NO BDSM, at least not that I've noticed, skimming through the last chapters.
For those who have shelves for it, there was Artificial Intelligence for the majority of the book.
Nothing made sense to me - why people did things or did not. 


 - Why Julio, who almost came in his pants when he learned about the holos, didn't back up their programs? How did he get a patent for holos for Anderson without documentation (specs/algorithms on the mentioned holos)?  Hey, I can get a patent for a holodeck amusement park right now! Gimmi it! 
- Why did Anderson stood for an hour and forty seven minutes (estimate - ha-ha) talking to Alpha instead of just pushing the damn delete buttons right off the bat?
- There is another issue - killing off holos and convincing Anderson and the readers that it was "OK". Not from where I stand, it's not! Don't tell me you watched Star Trek TNG & Voyager and felt it was the right thing to do. No. Frigging. Way.
Once again, what was there to talk about with your victim if you were going to kill them at any moment anyway? Answer that, Anderson! See where it lead? Now you're a mass murderer. 
- Who put CJ and his meddling sis in charge of viewing the shuttle surveillance instead of Jensen, the best shrink in The Known Universe? That part of the book left me feel disgusted, like I was a peeping Tom. Not the best way to submerge your readers into the world of pain and misery, and feel compassion for the MC. It distanced me instead. It felt dirty and wrong. 
To tell you the truth, I liked the first part of the book, right up until Anderson docked his shuttle. Then it was 60 percent of pity and self pity and self loathing and drinking and the like. And then.... the-en-n... the most saccharine chapters I've ever read followed. Rainbows, lollipops and glitter and hearts and stars. You name it, it was there. Gross and Yuck.... 
Эми Лэйн надо писать народное страдальческое. Пропадает талант. Пара-па-да-ет.
The drama. The Drah-mah!!!


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