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Dance of Stone - Jay Lewis Taylor

The cuteness! THE CUTENESS!


OK, the book is slow. It's an (almost) day-to-day description of a gay mason master's life, his misplaced love interest, the politics around building the churches, the big wig names mentioned left and right. History geek paradise, really =) I got lost in Wikipedia too many times, looking up anything from the detail of Lionheart's capture and ransom, to Becket's shenanigans to simple medieval bed anatomy and history, to pie making for certain occasions. 


Hugh is driving me insane, though. As cute and adorable and man-child all around as he is, he can be extremely frustrating where his love interest is concerned. 


Arnault is waaay too patient. He lets Hugh walk all over him. Grow a pair, goddamit! Grab your Hugh and smooch him into smithereens! *throws her arms up in exasperation* 


good book, though. can't wait to see how it all plays out :D


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