Three, six or 36: how many basic plots are there in all stories ever written?

Help - Pirates!

Almost every book I pick up lately (or is picked for me) is a pirate book. 


Anyone knows of this streak? You read a book, whatever it is about, and it seems like that's your theme for the next few months. Been 5 months for me and going strong! 


Help? lol


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DISCO SOUR by Giuseppe Porcaro

Disco Sour - Giuseppe Porcaro

A (political) suspense, placed in a post-continental war contemporary world. Bastian is running against time to get to a conference in Chile to deliver his speech and defend democracy. His journey is plagued with set-backs and delays orchestrated by a political rival. Throw in an almost permanent state of confusion courtesy of above mentioned rival, a loss of his Morph® phone (Bastian's whole life was on it) and constant pondering over his multiple break-ups, and here we have a character so fractured, that you keep wondering whether he is ever going to make it to his destination. Yet there was a small token that keeps Bastian focused. In the end, I loved him for his determination and his devotion to the cause. This book is packed with humor, curious facts and cultural references. I also found it a bit on a surreal side, a cross between Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Kidnapped by R.L. Stevenson (weird, I know, but it's my impression). My only two problems with this book is the beginning, where we have a couple of pages of info dump (not too bad, but still) and the ending, which is a little bit anticlimactic. I wish there was more of an impact, a "Eureka" moment before the solution was revealed, but I guess it's OK the way it is. Bottom line, I really enjoyed the book and will definitely watch out for more of Giuseppe's books.

The Puritan Pirate (Pirates of Port Royal #1) by Jules Radcliffe

The Puritan Pirate - Jules Radcliffe

3.5 stars I think is a fairer rating. 

Everything goes oh too well for our characters. Even the most evil event leaves (physically) only bruises and sore muscles. Not that I am complaining, mind you. 

Another minus for me is the unfinished business. Killjoy, Chacal, Spanish in general - those are still loose ends. I almost wish there was less talk and love making.... oh, who am I kidding!

Eternal Samurai by B.D. Heywood

Eternal Samurai - B.D. Heywood

I didn't like Koji, I couldn't connect with Tatsu whose annoying overuse of Japanese made him even less appealing to me, I did not understand Arisada's love for a traitor and a cheater, I couldn't figure out why some of the characters were in the book to begin with, even less so why they deserved their own POV. Editing was poor. As in you're/your poor. Half imaginary star (since GR doesn't deal in halves) to make it up to 2 is for the truly evil villain. I liked him.

Counterfeit Bride by Zi Yue

Counterfeit Bride (冒牌新娘) - Zi Yue, 籽月

I eally enjoyed this little story. 

Ling Shuang, a daughter of a nobleman, is about to be married to a complete stranger. She is not happy with this arranged marriage. She already has a lover and they made plans for their future life together. 

On her way to her betrothed's house, Ling Shuang forces her male servant, Jie Yi, to put on a female dress and makeup and play a role of a bride. She also gives him a cheap pearl bracelet as a small bribe. They part, Yi to go and get married to the stranger, and Ling Shuang to reunite with her lover.

Tian Yang doesn't want a wife. He remembers his own beautiful aristocratic mother running away to find a better life, far away from the children and the ranch which belonged to their family. This betrayal is so deep, that Tian Yang is determined to undermine any future marriages, arranged or not. When Jie Yi arrives, claiming to be Ling Shuang, Tian Yang take him to a remote warehouse/hut to test his new bride. But Jie Yi, as beautiful and delicate as he is, doesn't mind the hardship; after all, he grew up a servant. 

Over a few weeks, Tian Yang finds himself suddenly drawn to the beautiful young lady, who seems to be perfect for him and is not afraid of hard work. One day, with two young people living so close together, things finally get out of hand. Yi's secret is discovered. Petrified, he leaves the little hut.

In the meantime, Ling Shuang shows up at Tian Yang's ranch, claiming little Yi robbed her blind, left her sick on the road and pretended to be her in order to take her place. Her proof? That little pearl bracelet....

Fun begins :)


As far as BL novels go this was pretty decent, with plenty of twists and turns. The ending was a bit disappointing, with numerous relatives complaining 'oh, my god, two men together! No, it's OK you can stay, but oh, my god, maybe you should leave...' Round and round and round it went.

Translation was confusing at times, but I can't hold it against the book or the person who translated it. All I can say is "thank you for you hard work" :)

3.75 stars.

Game On (Game On #1) by Olley White

Game On - Olley White

What a wonderful and cute story! :) 
I laughed out loud several times and even did an "aaawwe!!!!" (or two or three) complete with googly eyes =)

There is no angst, just two guys trying to figure out their relationship. Very sweet and enjoyable :)

4.25 stars

SFF Book Bonanza


This site has an amazing blog about books, SFF to be precise. Read a story or two, or like me spend an easy 2.5 hours of "chain" reading :)

If you like personality quizzes

Image: A rainbow background with the Kraken Collective logo and text which reads: Which queer speculative fiction hero are you? Take our quiz to find out! 19 indie authors, 19 queer heroes, 19 stories for 99 cents. One personality quiz. January 26th through February 1st. Hashtag KrakenFriends2018


I am Aren from A Promise Broken by  Lynn E. O'Connacht


If you are curious, my personality description is in the spoiler tags


You are most like ... Arèn! You are logical and dedicated. You prefer solving problems on your own, but aren't afraid to offer or accept help. Your strong sense of justice and duty means others may see you as distant and perhaps even aloof, but it's just that your dedication means it's hard for you to really relax and have fun with your friends. The truth is that you care deeply about others and work tirelessly to see that people are treated fairly. Arèn is an aroace politician and scholar from A Promise Broken, a quiet fantasy with a focus on family life.

(show spoiler)

Eternal Samurai. Reading progress update: I've read 50%.

Eternal Samurai - B.D. Heywood

I don't understand the purpose of (over)using Japanese in this book. We know that Tatsu is half Japanese and grew up in Japan. We also know that he lived in the States since the age of 12. The story unfolds in The States, where everyone speaks English.Tatsu, being a bright kid the author claims him to be, knows the difference between Japanese and Americans and which language they speak. So - why? *scratches head* 


Bouncing POV. Literally everyone in this story, who had been mentioned in at least a couple of paragraphs, has their own POV. Prepare for 3 or 4 different ones on the same page.


Editing. You don't even need a native English speakerto proof-read. There is Word and numerous apps to catch your punctuation and grammar mishaps along with typos and other silly things. To be fair, I make all kinds of mistakes, however I don't publish and don't charge people money for my reviews and comments :p


Length. I wish the book was a little bit more compact, I am afraid I will DNF, the way it drags on :(



Why so slow, BL? Updating anything is like pulling teeth :( 

Reblogged from Angels With Attitude Book Reviews:

A Taste of Honey by Kai Ashante Wilson

A Taste of Honey - Kai Ashante Wilson

4.5 stars.


While the book was stunning, even without true romance, I can't give it five stars.

The last chapter ruined it for me. Not because how it ended but the way it ended. While I cheered for the MCs, I could not connect with that reality.

Don't want to say anything else for the fear of spoilers, I already gave away too much.

@Monica - thank you, my friend, for the amazing rec and gift :) *hugs*

Kidnapped by the Pirate by Keira Andrews

Kidnapped by the Pirate: Gay Romance - Keira Andrews

3.5 stars. It's not the book, it's me.
Two MCs are thrown together for a month or so, sharing a cabin. I get claustrophobic :(

Reading progress update: I've read 50%.

Kidnapped by the Pirate: Gay Romance - Keira Andrews

Two guys basically in a lock-down, stuck with each other. I like to see how enemies-to-lovers situation progresses but feeling claustrophobic-and-bored at the same time? O.o

So sowwyy...... (stars flying off) *cringe, cringe*

I want to see how a character bends and twists and changes and reveals him/herselves in different circumstances. Close quarters are too sheltered, too stagnant, imho :/



Pib's Dragon (Twisted Fairy Tales) by Beany Sparks

Pib's Dragon (Twisted Fairy Tales) - Beany Sparks

The first half was OK, I was thinking 3-3.5 stars, but second part was full of info dumps and unnecessary details.
Uber convenient magical abilities and handy magical artifacts popping up at the times of need don't add stars either.


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